Techno Tiger

Techno Tiger

Techno Tiger Acrylic Distemper is a water-based interior wall paint and gives walls a delightful, attractive, matt finish that lasts. It lends your interior a rare charm and lasting elegance. It is water-based, interior wall paint and gives walls a delightful, attractive, matte finish. A time-tested formulation with acrylic copolymer binder, its special formulation ensures shade retention for a long time.

Techno Tiger Specifications

Area of Application Interiors, All types of plasters,false ceiling, asbestos, etc.
Packing Available - Ltr. 1, 4, 10 and 20.
Primer Recommended Yes
Thinner for Dilution of paint Water
Dilution Ratio of  paint 500 - 650 ml / ltr.
No. of Coats for paint Two
Time gap between primer & 1st. Coat 6 hrs.
Time gap between  1st. Coat & 2nd. Coat 4 hrs.
Touch Dry 20 Minutes
Complete Drying 7 days
Finish Matt
Coverage / Ltr.. - on smooth Primed plaster > 60 sft. / Kg.
Flammable / Flash Point Not Flammable
Shelf Life in tight container 1 year
Shelf Life after application 2 years


* Techno pride distemper a coating product of fine texture.

*It can be applied on smooth plasters false ceiling asbesos sheets, concrete. It is formulated for your interior living and working spaces.

*Distemper offer strong performance to the interior wall surface in terms of protection and adhesion.

*Acrylic distemper with better durability one of the best performance distemper applied 2 coats for getting best performance.

*Two coats will covers 60 SFT


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