Techno Shine Interior Emulsions

Techno Shine Interior Emulsions

Interior Flexible Latex paint has good flexibility and an attractive semi-gloss finish in Shine Emulsion which is resistant to dirt pick-up from the atmosphere. The system also allows water vapour to pass fro the structure to the atmosphere but will not allow water ingress due to water ingress due to the water beading property of the polymer. Interior Flexible Latex has excellent resistance to mould and algae growth. The product provides exceptional adhesion and moisture resistance from cracking, peeling and highly compact, resistant to dust pick-up and is germ proof.

Techno Shine Specifications

Area of Application Interiors, All types of plasters,false ceiling, asbestos, etc.
Packing Available - Ltr. 1, 4, 10 and 20.
Primer Recommended Yes
Thinner for Dilution of paint Water
Dilution Ratio of  paint 600 - 650 ml / ltr.
No. of Coats for paint Two
Time gap between primer & 1st. Coat 6 hrs.
Time gap between  1st. Coat & 2nd. Coat 4 hrs.
Touch Dry 20 Minutes
Complete Drying 7 days
Finish Slightly Shines
Coverage / Ltr.. - on smooth Primed plaster > 90 sft. / Ltr.
Flammable / Flash Point Not Flammable
Shelf Life in tight container 1 year
Shelf Life after application 4 - 5 years
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