Ultra Primer

Ultra Primer

Multi Purpose and Water Thinnable Penetrates into porous surfaces Makes Surface Less Absorbent Generates a protective film coat Enhances the adhesion of finishing coat Suitable for priming walls, asbestos, brickwork, etc.,

Ultra Primer Specifications

Area of Application Interiors, All types of plasters,false ceiling, asbestos, etc.
Packing Available - Ltr. 1, 4, 10 and 20.
Thinner for Dilution of paint Water
Dilution Ratio of  paint > 500 ml / ltr.
Time gap between primer & 1st. Coat 6 hrs.
Complete Drying 7 days
Finish Matt
Coverabe / Ltr. / Coat - on smooth plaster > 150 sft. / Ltr.
Flammable / Flash Point Not Flammable
Shelf Life in tight container 1 year
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