Acrylic White Cement Based Wall Putty

Acrylic White Cement Based Wall Putty

Plasters with excellent binding and filling properties which lends elegance and durability to walls after painting.

Acrylic White Cement Based Wall Putty Specifications

Appearance White Powder Form
Area of Application Interiors & Exteriors on all types of plasters, false ceiling, asbestos, etc.
Packing Available 20 Kg. and 40 Kg.
Dilution 40% to 50% of water to be added to make the powder into paste form.
No. of coats Two
Time gap between 1st. Coat and 2nd Coat 6 hrs.
Coating Thickness / 2 coats 1 - 1.5 mm
Touch Dry 60 Minutes
Finish Matt & Smooth
Initial Setting 100 mints.
Final Setting 500 mints.
Compressive Strength >1 Mpa
Coverage / 20 kg. on smooth plaster > 190 sft.
Flammable / Flash Point Not Flammable
Primer Recommended Yes, after two coat of putty
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