TECHNO PAINTS has now become a locally and internationally reputed paint manufacturing and painting contracting company in INDIA. It’s not just a pack of paint. It’s 10 years of knowledge, experience, and passion in every pack. Being one of the long-established paint manufacturers in Asia, we provide a wide range of products from decorative, household and special effects coatings. Our ability to continually set industry highs for quality and value depends upon the steadfast maintenance of our product, recognition of new technologies and proactive responses to the needs of our customers. Our diverse and experienced team continues to improve our products and streamline our processes, both in and out.

10+ Years of Technological Excellence

Techno Paints Leads the Business by holding 40% of the Market Share in Southern part of India. With the experience over a Decade, Today Techno Paints is the first Company to use NANOTECHNOLOGY.