Techno Protect Plus High-Quality Exterior Wall Latex Paint is water-based, 100% pure acrylic resin emulsion paint. A new generation of high-grade wall paint, refined by the perfect combination of the odourless new technology and film-function, unique natural antibacterial, water-proofing and mould proof particles, can effectively inhibit breeding metope mould for a long time. It is also resistant to alkali, chalking, peeling and excessive colour fading. For optimum 7-year durability, use conjunction with techno penetrating primer for Techno Protect Plus Undercoat. The emulsion has excellent adhesion, is impact resistant, gives UV protection and colour retention, self -cleaning and dirt pickup resistance. APPLICATION: Apply to the new coating or the old wall refurbishment of the residential and commercial space.



Technical Specifications of Protect+ (Elastomeric)

S.No. PARAMETERS PROTECT + (Elastomeric)
1 Area of Application Interiors, Exteriors, All types of plasters, false ceiling, asbestos, etc.
2 Packing Available – Ltr. 1, 4, 10 and 20
3 Primer Recommended Penetrating primer
4 Thinner for Dilution of paint Water
5 Dilution Ratio of paint 400-450 mL/Ltr
6 Elongation (with 20 DFT) 200-300%
7 No. of Coats for paint Two
8 The time gap between primer & 1st. Coat 6 h
9 The time gap between 1st. Coat & 2nd. Coat 4h
10 Touch Dry 20 mins
11 Complete Drying 7 days
12 Finish smooth
13 Coverage / Ltr. – on smooth Primed plaster Up to 120 sft/Ltr
14 Flammable / Flash Point Non-flammable
15 Shelf Life in a tight container 1 yr
16 Life After Application 10 years (With Bio wash and penetrating primer)


The density of the product: 1.32+/- 0.02 600-

Viscosity                                   : 700ku          pH value                                      : >8.5


Advantages of Protect + (elastomeric):


*It can withstand Extreme harsh tropical weather conditions.

*It gives protection from color fading.

*it provides excellent Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial property

  • In combination with penetrating primer, it acts as a good alkali resistant coating and provides long durability

*It also protects the coating from UV degradation

* Eco-friendly & Green assurance more than VOC (volatile organic compound) they do not contain any hazardous raw-material.


  • 7 years performance warranty.


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