Techno Textures

Plasters with excellent binding and filling properties which lends elegance and durability to walls after painting.



Techno Textures Specifications

Appearance Paste Form
Area of Application Interiors & Exteriors on all types of plasters, false ceiling, asbestos, etc.
Packing Available 20 Kg.
Thinner for Dilution Ready to use paste and adjusting the trowel movement by adding a very little quantity of water.
No. of coats One
Time gap – formation of texture for re-toweling 20 Min.
Coating Thickness 2 – 2.4 mm
Touch Dry 4 – 5 hours
Time gap between texture and primer 24 hours
Time gap between Primer and Painting – 2 Coats 6 hours gap for each coat.
Complete Drying 7 Days
Finish Texture & Type Paint used
Coverage / 25 kg. on smooth plaster > 70 – 75 sft.
Flammable / Flash Point Not Flammable
Shelf Life after application 7 years


  • Techno textures available in paste form
  • As apty named gives a Mediterranean stone like finish which is strong in nature and.
  • Techno texture excellent against abrasion and scratches.
  • It can resist for varying weather condition and also resistant alkali & water resistance.
  • Ideal suits for interior and exterior.
  • It can get various designs with trowel like horizzontal lines, vertical lines & circles etc.,


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